Family Supportive Services (FSS)

At the first of each month, we will begin to review the first 50 applications for eligibility; once we reach that number, we will process applications until our monthly fund allocation is exhausted; after that, we will close the online portal for rental assistance until the next month.

If you reach our site and the online portal is closed, please check back with us the following month if you are still in need of assistance. Please reach out to Nevada 211 for additional community resources.


NOTE: Please be advised that our rental assistance programming can only provide one month of rental assistance and/or one month of utility assistance (excluding the Las Vegas Valley Water Authority, North Las Vegas Public Utilities, and the City of Henderson Public Utilities). If you are seeking multiple months of rent/utility assistance, please contact the Clark County CHAP program or if you are a resident of the City of Las Vegas, the City of Las Vegas RAFT program

All applications received by EOB are reviewed for eligibility and completeness. Once your application is reviewed for eligibility and accepted, you will have a maximum of 48 hours to correct any missing documentation or to complete your application. After 48 hours with no response, all incomplete applications will be issued a denial letter to allow us to process other applications which have need.

Please contact us at 702-445-7105 if you have any questions.

FSS provides case management and referral services to stabilize individuals and families in crisis.

Services include but are not limited to:

  • Education referrals
  • Emergency rental assistance
  • Emergency utility assistance

Program funded by Community Services Block Grant (CSBG)

For more information –

Call: 702-445-7105

Email: [email protected]

For information see the below attachments for additional community resources: