By honoring our past, we can fully appreciate our future—a future we are proud of, starting with our community. We are excited to present a series of lectures and discussions to nurture our wellbeing and promote self-sufficiency.

Events will be streamed online on Facebook and YouTube, and welcome to all! Details and dates of events can be found below:

February 1: 10:00 am 

Cooking With Archye! 

Our first event of our Black History Month Health & Wellness Series will kick off with an introduction from Byron Goynes, the MLK Jr. Senior Center Director. Chef Archye Jett, the creator of all the wonderful meals at the senior center, will be conducting a soul food demonstration!  


February 4, 11, 18 & 25 (Every Thursday): 10:00 am – 11:30 am 

 Thursday Zoom Bingo 

We invite you to join us for BINGO! To join us, please send your name, address, phone number, and email address to [email protected]. We will contact you and send you a Bingo card, then join us on Thursdays so you can yell BINGO! 


February 8: 10:00 am 

Tune in for a special reading hosted by Better America for Tomorrow. Yvonne Logan will be the Mistress of Ceremony accompanied by Gwen Rayford, who will be profiling two women in Black history, and Wendell Williams, who will profile a gentleman in Black history.  


February 9: 10:00 am    

Cooking With Archye! 

Chef Archye Jett, the creator of all the delicious meals at the senior center, will be stirring up some deliciousness for Mardi Gras! 


February 10: 10:00 am 

Lace-up your dancing shoes with the Las Vegas FanciDancers. They are a local troupe consisting of ladies who are 50+ and will be performing a few dances from their repertoire. 

February 12: 12:00 am 

We are all experiencing feelings of burnout from COVID-19 to work. Tune in for Nevada Resilience Project’s presentation.


February 16: 10:30 am  

Guest speakers Brian Browne and Kathur Hartley from the Cleveland Clinic will provide an informative presentation on the aging brain and what you can do about it!  


February 17: 10:00 am 

Lawrence Beasley, Interim Executive Director of the Economic Opportunity Board, will be sharing how EOB works to better the Las Vegas community—sharing stories of EOB’s past, current, and future goals.  


February 17: 10:35 am 

EOB’s very own Sona Harris, Workforce Specialist, will be giving insight on how to navigate the workforce due to COVID-19 challenges. She will be sharing tips on how to search, apply for positions, and more.  


February 22: 4:00 pm    

Meet Alisa Howard from Minority Health Consultants, and Kimberly Mitchell as they present their brain booster memory awareness. 


February 23: 11:00 am    

Join Craig Knight, General Manager of KCEP Power 88, will be talking about KCEP’s role in the community and its past, present, and future.